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Ed Tech Errata

I’ve been meaning to comb through the wealth of educational technology articles that have zipped through my inbox and add them as parts of my previous posts or include them in some future post, but today I decided to simply post some them here with a short summary or commentary.

– “Learners who are familiar with using computers actually access different neural networks when reading information from a computer than when reading information from a book.”  What are the consequences for learning and pedagogy?  (Ernie Rambo’s review of Brain-Based Teaching in the Digital Age in Teacher Voices blog)

– ‘Low tech’ tools have the potential to improve student performance and learning.  The newest and best technology is not required to generate learning gains.  (“Classroom-Tested Tech Tools Used to Boost Literacy” by Katie Ash in Education Week)

– Blended learning environments will be the main avenue of growth for online learning.  Since this report is largely descriptive in terms of cognition, the efficacy of each of the six types of blended learning should be studied and also compared with 100% online and 100% bricks-and-mortar learning environments.  (“The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning” by Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker from Innosight Institute)